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Copper Chef XL

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Conquer The Kitchen with Copper Chef XL:
The Extra Large Family-Sized Square Pan

6-in-1 Pan Replaces Your

Stock Pot • Rice Cooker • Frying Pan • Roasting Pan • Wok • Baking Dish

Copper Chef Recipes Copper Chef Recipes Copper Chef Recipes

Now You Can Prep, Cook & Serve in 1 XL Capacity Family-Size Pan

    Casserole Pan
  • 11" Casserole Pan = 60% More Room to Cook More Food
  • Stainless Steel Induction Plate With Rapid, Even Heat Technology – No Hot Spots
  • Engineered With Cerami-Tech Nonstick Technology
  • Riveted Easy Comfort Handles
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Heat-Proof up to 850°

    Induction Cooktop
  • From Warm to Sear & All Temperatures In Between
  • Induction Technology Uses Electromagnetic Field to Heat the Pan
  • Lightweight & Portable: Perfect for Dorms, RVs, Boats & Small Apartments
  • Adjustable Time & Temperature for Precise Cooking
  • 5 Cooking Presets, Easy to Read Digital Display & Timer
  • Warming Feature Keeps Your Meals Warm Until You're Ready to Eat
  • Induction Cooktop can be used up to 2 1/2 hrs at a time.

IT'S 60% BIGGER...
So Now You Can Cook More!

Cook Faster & Healthier with 60% More Capacity

Copper Chef is changing cookware forever. America loves Copper Chef. The 5-Star Reviews say it all! Last year, the innovative, all-around square pan designed with state-of-the-art Cerami-Tech Nonstick Technology took the world by storm.

Now, over 1 million people are cooking with Copper Chef. And it just got better!

Introducing the newest addition to the Copper Chef Collection: the Copper Chef XL. It's the brand new, extra-large 11" square pan that's wider and deeper than ever before. It's designed with 60% more capacity so it's easy to cook even larger dishes for your family and friends.

Cooking for big groups is nearly impossible in an ordinary round pan. Copper Chef XL's unique square design gives you that extra space you need. And now, it's even larger than before. Cook 3 racks of ribs easily— even a 12 lb. turkey! Plus, it's designed with Cerami echnology so nothing sticks to the pan. The Stainless Steel Induction plate heats the pan rapidly from corner to corner so your meals cook in a flash.

Now you can sauté, simmer, slow-cook, boil, fry & sear— all with just one amazing family-sized pan!